Yes, the Cross has the Final Word

When you think of the Cross, what are some of the things that come to your mind?

I think about all the blessings which God has given me in the past. I also think of Jesus having given up his life to save us from sin.

I have heard the following, “At The Cross, Love Ran Red.” God was willing to give up his one and Only Son, so that we could have everlasting Life with him in Heaven for all time.

Satan wants to overtake us by trying to make us sin and for get who we are following. But Jesus cuts the attacks off right before they can be started. We as christians need to Keep on striving for the cross, and to bring others with us, On the Journey of a lifetime.

I realize for some of us, this may be a bit hard when we don’t know where to start, whilst talking to those around us. However, God opens doors we might not think of at that given time.

in the past, I remember one of the pastors at the church I had attended saying, “We need to stand up for what we believe in; we need to Let God Guide us in what we should say to those who are lost.”

Sometimes, a person may just need a friendly smile, and a sholder to lean on through their time of need. Other times someone may need to hear an encouraging word, or to have someone there when they are going through a very difficult time.

No Matter what happens in life, We need to always remember that the cross has the final word!