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traveling home.


I am going to be heading home, back to Aberdeen at 1 pm central time today, and I was wondering if you could all pray that the trip back goes smoothly, and that everything back in Aberdeen will flow like it should for the time being. there is much more that I could say on the subject but I will leave that for another prayer request.

Urgent Unspoken prayer request


Everything is OK from the standpoint of a physical thing, however, I have an urgent prayer request. For now, leave it as unspoken, as it's very private, again, all is fine. Please don't ask me to reveal either the specifics. I know a few users up here who may try. I'm not going to break someone's confidentiality, so there's no point in asking me what's wrong. I said nothing's wrong in the immediate present short term, so don't be alarmed by this message. I do need God's guidance though on a few things.



please pray for my mother's friends granddaughter. Her name is Maysie. I double checked. I did not miss spell her name. It is spelled very uncommon Lee.

Broken Hot Water Heater


Please be praying. Money is a bit tight right now, I mean, OK, we're definitely not poor eating out of cardboard boxes, but we're not exactly rich either. Our hot water heater apparently just broke, and we have no hot water, therefore. Mom just told me. I know earlier today, we did, so it must have only just broken. Shucks! Please be praying.

Dental Appointment


I am going to be going in for a dental appointment to see what can be done for my teeth, and that I would like it if someone could be praying for me about this, admittedly I haven't been in for a dental appointment for quite some time

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