That's How It Is!

Dan and Jake share a computer. They didn't have a problem with that until the day one of Jake's programs was gone. Jake knew Dan had erased it because it wasn't there. Jake called all his friends to complain about what Dan had done. They all agreed that Dan's actions were wrong.

A week later one of Jake's friends called to say that maybe Dan hadn't done anything wrong. Brad went on to say that his sister had the same program and it would last only so long before it erases itself. Jake needed to go and get it from the internet again and put it on the computer again. That's what Jake did right after he finished talking to Brad.

Jake was wrong for all the things he had said about Dan. In his heart he knew Dan wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Jake knew he was different. When things didn't go right he would always blame someone else. Dan forgave Jake. The sad part of this whole situation is that some of their mutual friends don't act the same any more.

Tom won't speak to Dan because he feels that if Jake thought that Dan could do harmful things to people then it must be true.

Dan feels hurt over the whole mess. Why couldn't Jake just have asked him about the program? Things wouldn't be so different. It would have all stayed the way it was. Everybody would still be friends. Gossip and false accusations never solve anything. The only thing they do is cause hurt feelings, ccreate doubt and fears, and ruin relationships. That's how it is when people make choices without having all the facts.

Jesus was falsely accused and He died because of it. Now peopel won't die a physical death because of gossip or false accusations but they can die emotionally or spiritually. Killing a person spirit and soul is as great a wrong as killing Christ was. Yes Christ is the Son of God and therefore more important than we are as individuals but God loves each one of us and would not want harm to come to us.

Gather the facts and if they cannot be truthfully gained pass no judgment on yourself or on others. Would you like to be judged by any other standards?