Lifes Railway!

Life’s Railway!
There are so many roads that we can travel down, That it may seem daunting at times.
Life can take us on a ride through many different areas of our day, and or night that we just do not know which way to turn.
At some point in our ride through life we need to stop, and listen to what God has for us.
God is our conductor on Life’s Railway.
He knows what we need to do to get through the rough spots that we may be going through right at this moment in time.
I have been on a few rides through Life’s Railway; That is for sure.
Yes, sometimes I have wanted to run my own life and to do things my way; but I have begun to realize that God’s ways are higher than my ways!
I can recall many things in my life that I made some very stupid choices; and yes I did have to stumble through them cause I was just Too darn stubborn to admit that I needed help from God.
Here are a few of the things that I have learned through out my walk with God.
1. When depression comes upon me I can turn to God’s word and find scriptures that will lift my spirit out of the funk that I find myself in.
2. When that master of lies known as Satan wants to tempt me into doing something I know I do not want to do; I turn and get on my knees and pray for the help to over come the temptations that Satan is trying to tempt me with.
3. If I begin to doubt myself in doing a job correctly; or trying to help out a friend with something that is frustrating them; I cast my thoughts to the cross and ask God to help me to get rid of the doubts that I am having; Do you remember “ doubting Thomas”?
4. If I find myself getting angry with someone or at a situation I am in I ask God to lend me the strength to talk things out with the person I am angry with; Or to help me get through the situation I found myself getting angry in.

So remember that no matter what you are going through while going down life’s railways; God is always there for you and that he will Never leave you or forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6 (NIV)