What a beautiful illustration!

Tonight while at a church dinner we attended for us volunteers, my mother told our table a story which deeply touched my heart. I'd like to share it with all of you.

One thing you will quickly learn about my mom is, she loves nature, and loves animals. If she could have a full house of them, I think she would. But alas, I digress.

Recently, my mother had made a place right by our front door for a couple of birds. by the way, yes, this is a true story. She had worked very hard on making sure the environment wasn't too hot, nor too cold. There was a mother ren, and her babies. My mother was absolutely just head over heals in love with these birds, and I literally make no light of that proclamation!

Though I'm not entirely sure the entire circumstance leading up to things, she nurtured their space every single day making sure that they had food, water, etc. It was the sweetest thing watching how much she tended to those little bitty birds! Yesterday evening at the time of writing this post, tragity struck.

As I'm told, a black snake got in the bushes right by the door, and was as mad as a hornet watching for its young, and by that, I'm being very literal. My mother absolutely screamed in horror. Not because of the snake, but because of the fact that it was scaring/disturbing the baby birds and their poor mother. My mother got so angry at the snake, that she took a stick she found in the yard, and started, excuse the vulgar expression, beating the living snot out of the snake.

One thing that you have to understand here is, this snake was totally harmless to most humans. It wasn't venomous at all. This said, my mother is extremely highly allergic to anything that bites/stings, etc. The smallest attack and she will swell up to the point where quite frankly, it could kill her if severe enough. I'm just being boldly direct/real here. I know. Scarey stuff, but I need you as the reader to completely understand the predicament that she was in at this time. Do I know if she would have had an allergic reaction to this snake if it hit her? No. I really don't. I suspect that it wouldn't have been a fun day for her, but I really don't know, and quite frankly, don't want to find out!

Anyway, like I said, my mother started, beating the living tar out of the snake, while screaming at it to leave her baby birds alone! Remember, the snake was absolutely irate! Time after time it tried striking at her missing every single time; my mother kept a good distance. She wasn't born yesterday.

Unfortunately, and heartbreaking as it is, this story doesn't have a happy ending, though I wish I could tell you it did. The snake was too quick on things, and ate all the birds, both the mother, and all of the babies.

My mother was absolutely devastated. She stood there crying for a good ten minutes from what I'm told. That night, she couldn't sleep hardly at all, bless her heart. This really effected her, and hit her like a ton of bricks, putting it very mildly.

At first, I was moved by this story, but I basically somewhat, admittedly, kind of shrugged it off, guilty as charged. I'm not sure why, but it's what it is.

The more and more I thought about it at church, I felt God speaking to my heart on a very deep level. That snake very easily in its fury could have bitten my mother. I think she fully realized this fact. I also think she knew she was allergic, and for that mind, had no Benadryl or the like on hand to reverse her reaction. In other words, she had nothing... absolutely nothing at all to prevent her from getting very sick. Yet, willingly, with all she had, all her heart, all her love, unconditionally, she not only cared for those little birds, again remember rens. For those of you who are not bird people, let me tell ya, rens are not exactly big birds. If anything, they're super tiny. Compare them almost to the size of a hummingbird. They're not a hummingbird, nor in that family, let me be very clear, but the babies are about the same size. Imagine about the size of a grown human adult's index finger in length.

My mother, knowing that she could easily have gotten bitten, could have had a reaction, could have gotten incredibly sick, let's jsut face reality, if not treated, could even have died depending on the situation, looked completely passed this with unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness/grace for those birds. What a absolutely beautiful picture! What does this remind you of?

To me, this really reminds me exactly of Jesus's love for all of us here on earth. Christ willingly came, willingly faught the serpent, which oh by the way, guess what... in one form to Adam and Eve, Yep? You guessed it! appeared how?Exactly! As a snake! You got it! Yet, Christ, knowing that he was going to die, knowing that he would shed his blood, he came down from a perfect home... Heaven... to this fallen world in the flesh as human. He leveled himself to our human status, and willingly without hesitation gave us the ultimate sacrifice that day on the cross. My mother was willing to risk everything that she had including her own health, if that's what it took, to save those little bitty birds. Then, when she saw that she didn't win the battle, she deeply was scorned. It absolutely tore her to shreds!

Folks, Christ's story doesn't end this way however. Though Christ did battle on my behalf, your behalf, everyone's behalf, Satan, AKA, the devil, AKA, the serpent, the difference is, Christ won the victory over death, and over evil! What do we deserve? Death! We deserve hell! There is no way to say it more nicely. I know it's not what you, the reader want to hear, but I have always said I'd preach the truth, and nothing but the truth as closely as I can help it. Therefore, I have to be very real, and unfortunately guys, the truth is, that Satan is a powerful beast, he comes to destroy, but Christ came so that we may have eternal abundant life. John chapter 10, verse 10 from the E.S.V puts it very well. "A thief comes only to steal and to kill, and to destroy, I have come so that they may have life, and have it in abundance." That's Christ himself speaking. If we put our trust, and our faith in God, and in God alone, we shall be saved from that eternal doom. We have the promise that Christ sits at the right hand of the Father, and that one day, we will be in His house forever. Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Through her actions, and through my mother's love, and care for those birds, regardless the risks she took along the way, shows Christ's love so beautifully! I almost get tears in my own eyes when I think of the parallels between what my mother did last night, and the crusifixion.

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