The Holy Spirit Took Over

Last Saturday, I attended a concert at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix of Mark Lowry, who I've been informed was part at one time of the Gaither Vocal Band. I don't know much about the guy, but he was very profound as well as being very good. Admittedly, Christian comedy is, like Christian music, a taste which I'm still in the long process of acquiring; but, Lowry as well as others have really proved that the Spirit can move through comedic performance. Here's the crux (pun intended) of the matter.

Have you ever gone to a performance, Christian or not, where the Holy Spirit just takes center stage in your mind and heart where the performer had been, in order to give you a personal aha moment? I don't care if you're at a ball game with your son. I couldn't care less if you're at a karaoke bar with your friends on Friday night. Next thing you know, the hammer comes down, and no one else is there but you and that third person of the trinity. For all you know, you've been transported to Jesus' own chapel in heaven.

What did He say? What did he show you? What did he do? What did you do that He used? What's the result, if any?

I was sitting there in the tight seats of GCU Arena next to a couple of very good friends, admittedly unsure as to what this night would have in store for me. I'm accustomed to comedy which is more in your face and fast paced. This particular style was more of a longform storyteller with funny quips along the way. The individual bits were funny, but it wasn't really leading anywhere, or so I had thought.

He talked about getting older, marriage, and family alongside other topics. I was laughing and trying to see where things were going. He mentioned that he had turned sixty this year, so when it was time for intermission, he indicated that "We're gonna take a ten to fifteen minute break, because I've gotta pea!"

And then he gets to talking about Christ. If you know any Jewish mothers, or any mothers by that matter, you'll know that, if her son's going around claiming to be God, she'll do whatever it takes for him not to see harm. I know he's crazy, but ya don't have to kill him! Why are you doing this to my son? He needs major help, but a cross? No way!

Hey! Uh... Say Mary? Earth to Mary! Umm... Knock knock knock!

In the book of Matthew, God tells us that the virgin mother of Yeshuah ha Meshiach, Jesus the anointed of God, was silent at Calvary. That tore me up!

If anyone's gonna say a word, it'll be Mom. Dad'll do whatever's in his godgiven powers to thwart this execution, but more stays of execution are issued on the testimony of mothers. Mary gave no such testimony, according to the world. As Mark Lowry's song says, which he co-wrote with Buddy Greene, when you kiss this child you're holding, you kiss the face of God.

If Mary knew that what was going on was divine prophecy sent down centuries before her divine son took flesh, then who am I to opine differently?


Ben, that is such a moving story! What a powerful way of sharing the gospel that evening!