Brothers and Sisters

This last week has been a huge time of reflection for me regarding God's amazing love. Even more so however has been the thought of how we, as christians should love one another as Christ loves us.

The most important commandment in scripture says to love one another as Christ loves us. This really got me thinking...

The huge question which was risen in my mind was, "Who, and what are/is a family?" As christians, we all are part of the bigger picture, the family of God. One may ask more specifically what this means.

As a family of God, we are all part of the Christian, (notice the capital C,) body, - whether that be a church, a mother and father, son and/or daughter, maybe a grandparent, etc. But let's take this a step further. Who really truely is a family?

I think we all can agree as christians that we are descendants of Adam and Eve, can we not? By this what I'm saying is, when you trace ancestry back far enough, you see that all started with Adam and Eve as the human race. God created man, and from man was created woman. It's for this reason that a man and woman are meant to unite as one through Godly principle bounderies. Though this post isn't really meant to outline what those principles are, they are extremely rellavent.

Lots of families are broken however. Marriages are coming to ends, relationships between parent and child are falling apart, etc. It's truely heartbreaking at the core! Regardless however the circumstance of the family situation which you may be a part of, at the end of the day, we are all children of god. God is our loving heavenly father. For this reason, one may say, "spiritually, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ." Take just a moment however to really dwell on that statement, and how profound it really is.

When we trace generation by generation back, we see that we are all created by whom?... God... that's correct. Therefore, if we are all created by the same holy spirit, the same loving father, doesn't it seem a bit out of biblical context to state that we are only brother and sister within the spirit? With no sinful nature by this following statement intended, God forbid! We all, even in the flesh, at the end of the day, are children of god. I might tick some readers off by saying this, and that's frankly OK by me, but I feel very strongly that even those who are nonbelievers, yes, we need to pray for their salvation, that is so important! Please do not for even one split fraction of a second think otherwise! That however being said, at the end of the day, regardless who or what they believe in, whether they choose to accept the truth or not, the fact is, we all were created by God. Let's just get that fact totally straight. We here at Genuine Safe Haven Ministries believe this whole heartedly as sound biblical truth. For this reason, I personally feel it is completely appropriate to proclaim that each of us are brothers and sisters. NO, we might not be born of the same biological mother in worldly blood, but that means nothing. What is brotherly and sisterly love truely about? Is it about the blood pouring through you and your mother, Mrs. Smith's veins? If so, then we're in a world, and I do mean a world, no pun intended, of trouble.

To me, brotherly/sisterly connections are made through the creation, and eventually the blood, yes, but I speak here of the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross for your sins, and mine that faitful day at Calvary. What an awesome thing knowing that I can, and do, declare each and every one of you reading this blog entry as my brother and my sister, not just in spirit, but also in worldly physical truth.

As you progress through your day today, really take some time to ponder this thought. Then, give God the praise for his amazing creation, and how he's brought families together.