The Jesus Alphabet

Let's see how far we can take this list. What I'd like everyone to try doing is, first start by looking over the words in this list which users already have used. If the word has been used, then consider it a mark, meaning, it can't be reused, - Think of another word instead. Let's see what words you can think of, going through the entire alphabet to describe God. I'll go first. Here's my list.

A: Admirable

B: Brilliant

C: Creation

D: Direct

E: Empowering

F: Fruitful

G: Glory

H: Heroic

I: irresistable

J. Joy

K. Kind

L. Love

M. Magnificent

N. Noble

O. Omniscient

P: Peace

Q: Quiet

R: Receiving

S: Solid

T: Teacher

U: Universal

V: Victorious

W: Wondrous

X: The Omega, (as in, represented in greek by the letter X)

Y. Yielding

Z: Zesty