Urgent Unspoken prayer request


Everything is OK from the standpoint of a physical thing, however, I have an urgent prayer request. For now, leave it as unspoken, as it's very private, again, all is fine. Please don't ask me to reveal either the specifics. I know a few users up here who may try. I'm not going to break someone's confidentiality, so there's no point in asking me what's wrong. I said nothing's wrong in the immediate present short term, so don't be alarmed by this message. I do need God's guidance though on a few things. If I say the wrong thing to a certain person, it could be an emotional disaster for them. I need the strength to be kind, and loving about things, yet, still be able to hold someone accountable as the same time, and stand firm. Gently firm, but firm nonetheless. I don't ever like showing the concept of tough love, but at this point, I feel it's really the only thing left to do, which breaks my heart, as I love this other person with Christ's love so deeply. I never ever ever would ever want to hurt him/her.