please pray for my mother's friends granddaughter. Her name is Maysie. I double checked. I did not miss spell her name. It is spelled very uncommon Lee.

two days ago, she fell very very ill. they tested both for the flu, as well as meningitis, however, both tests came back negative. I guess to some extent, that's a good thing, but we still have no idea what on earth made her sick to start with. they tried to get some fluids into her via an intravenous line, but her little veins are so small, that it is not successful. at least not easily. she is only two years old, barely a toddler. she was fine on Friday morning, and then just suddenly got very sick that afternoon. She is now in Charlotte North Carolina in the intensive pediatric care unit. The last that I knew, she had a very high fever of 105. for those who are non-medically inclined, that is deadly! so please keep her in your prayers. I know that it means a lot. The Grandmother's name is Susie.

I am praying for Maysie, chris Her whole family is in my prayers, please keep us uptodate as to how Maysie is doing.

Thanks Ronald. I definitely will keep you all posted.