Zack Williams

Wow! So, I was just tonight turned on to a praise and worship artist by the name of Zack Williams.

If you guys haven't heard this guy, oh? my, gosh! Being I'm a professional musician, therefore am really picky with my music taste, this is really saying something, but I'm 36 years old, and I gotta say! This is some of the best praise and worship music I think I've ever heard in my life! I will definitely! be buying the latest disc from this guy! If you want some titles to check out, OK here are a few. Check out one called Old Church Choir. That's the one that KLove is now playhing like crazy. So far, my two favorites are Promise Land, which has a real bluesy kind of Erick Clapton feel, then also check out one called I'm a Surviver. I love the raw rasp in this guy's voice. You'd not think I would, but actually, it fits him perfectly with the style he's doing. I mean, it literally is giving me goose bumps! So, if you want a great great artist to check out, then I can't say enough about how good this guy appears to be! Check him out! You will not regret!