Dental Appointment


I am going to be going in for a dental appointment to see what can be done for my teeth, and that I would like it if someone could be praying for me about this, admittedly I haven't been in for a dental appointment for quite some time

Hi Ronald. Thanks for posting in the forums. We definitely will be keeping you in our prayers. Please let the community know how things go.

Well, it looks like I am going to have to have eight teeth removed, and then some filled then hopefully some particles made if I can afford them. plus my blood pressure is up 156 over 92 which they say that is way to high so that needs to come down as well, I wonder if that is from all the stress I am under.

The dental appointment went extremely well, All teeth were extracted and now I am just needing a few fillings, and then am going to wait until I can get partials. hopefully.