Little is Much

As we walk amongst the city streets, we observe lots of people who all have different lifestyles. Some may possess riches while others might be poor.

Sometimes, even those with the highest values and standards have to consider their sins, and small things within their lives.

The saying, “Little is much,” means a lot to God. The woman who had all she had didn’t think at all about the things she gave. – For she gave everything.

Jesus said that she gave all she had, and He was pleased. She may not have had much to offer, but the little she had, she gave without second thought.
For this reason, the woman clearly illustrated her faith.

A good friend of mine, Kelly Williams, wrote a song titled “Little is Much.” The following lyrics come from that song:

“Because little is much when God is in it. It seems like nothing until you give it. Step by step, and minute by minute, little is much when God is in it.”

Regardless if we have a lot of money, or a lot of time on our hands, the saying, “Little is much” makes a lot of sense whenever we give all we have, which
may not be all that much.

May we as Christians be able to give what might seem little to us, but is much more to God.

Little is Much by Kelly Williams: ©Kelly Williams, (All rights reserved.)


Ronald, I could not agree with you more! What a thought-provoking post! God doesn't expect amount; you're absolutely right. What matters is that we give just as Christ gave to us. Thank you for sharing.