The Bird in the Window

Copyright 2016: Genuine Safe Haven Ministry, (All rights reserved)

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For Kristen Johnson, who recommended that I take on this project.

To Christopher Gilland, whose editing gave me a new lease on this very profound journey.

Once upon a time, in Rocky Mountain country on a cold winter’s day, Howie the House Finch sought some warmth in an apartment building. Up, up, up he flew.
“Aha! Here’s a nice perch. I can see into my flock’s territory, and I’m out of the cold. Uh-oh! Cough! Cough! Cough! It’s heavy here. I can breathe fine,
but my wings are heavy and rubbery. Why can’t I fly? I see where my friends are. There’s Harry, Hank and Henry. There’s Holly, Honey and Hayley. I see
them, and they’re pointing out some nice breakfast. But… but…” Crash! The window is solid. “Ouch, that hurts! I can see right through it, but it’s solid.

Benny Bombastic has been in a bind. His suntan is ready for the Son to shine. Benny’s been in cold for months untold, and his head’s about ready to give
up and fold.

Now Benny’s heading out on a new adventure, in a place he’s never been before. Just as he is headed toward the steps to clomp down, he hears a distress
call – a very sad sound. He takes his cane, for Benny can’t see. he walks toward the stairwell to go to the street. As he walks out he hears a, “Tweet!
Tweet!” Clomp, clomp, clomp he goes, and the tweeting little birdie is closer than he knows. Between 1 and 2, he finds the saddest story. The tweeting
little birdie can’t fly unto glory. The bird is caught in the window sill. He sees right through, but what is the deal?

So Benny Bombastic considers his options. Go on the adventure and leave him in the by and by, or… get his hands dirty and let the bird fly.

“Help me!” Help me! Help me,” he says. “A little boy’s coming. He’ll surely nest my head.” Peck! Peck! Peck! “I’ll drum on this window. Maybe his attention
I’ll get. Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Is anybody there? My deliverer is near! No way! It ain’t so! His staff Is a-pounding I fear! He’s massive. He’s loud, and
he carries a wrath. Oh Mommy! Daddy, It’s going to hurt!”

“Hush, my friend, I hear your cries. What can you tell me? Maybe I can surprise.” “Cheep! Cheep! cheep!” “Oh no, friend! You’re shilled by the window’s
sill! I know the way to your friendly confines. Please trust in me, and trust in the Divine.”

“But that staff! Tek tek tek! I am doomed. Doomed, doomed, doomed!”

“Shshsh! You’re fine. Trust in me, as I trust the divine. He loves you. Please do not fight him. I know that you’re scared, and this staff is quite frightening.
But see, oh please do see. I only use it for guidance, for I am blind. I can’t see anything. Please sit in my hand. I make a covenant not to harm you.
Leave it to me. I’ll lead you home.”

“This boy is massive. And his staff, it’s disastrous. But I trust him, as he trusts God. The air currents are natural. That surface is odd. Now, I see
the light. I feel the cold air against my skin. The hand is not the hawk’s claw. It’s the drink of life.”

So, Benny wasn’t so bombastic after all! He did go a clomping, but Howie didn’t fall. Benny clomped down the stairwell with care, till Howie could feel
the currents of air.

“Tweeberty, Tweeberdy Twee!” Guys, I can fly again! Yeah, it’s me! I’m home again at last. The fright is gone! Henry, Hank and Harry, Honey, Holly and
Hayley, don’t worry about me.”

The moral of this story is that Howie was freed! Trust in our true friend and you will find. No solid window sill can ever match the divine.”

Though I may walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil. (Psalm 23:4)

Let your conversation be without covetousness but be content with such things as ye have. For the Lord has said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”
(Hebrews 13:5)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your footsteps.
(Proverbs 3:5-6


Ben, I've always told you this, but I'll say it once more. You have such a tallent when it comes to writing. Especially that of children's material like this. Keep up the wonderful work! This was excellent.