Don’t forget to say the blessing

Okay kids, Mom’s got dinner ready. Come down and set the table, please.

Yay! Let’s eat!

Wait a second. We’ve got to say grace.

Not coming from a religious background, I haven’t developed that habit which so many Christian families do almost by second nature. When I sit down to
eat, I don’t hesitate. I just go at it, and I eat. I’m not this greedy dog who’ll gulp down a whole thing of, say, lasagna in three mouthfuls, but I do
eat readily. But, since my paternal grandmother, Charlene, has been here, I’ve noticed that I feel tons better after saying the blessing with her. It’s
nothing ceremonious or fancy. It’s just sincere thanks to Heavenly Father for what he’s given to us, including his most holy son Jesus Christ, who died
on the cross to save the entirety of mankind.

How foolish am I? Now what an ingrate am I! I just chow down without even so much as a word of thanks to the infinite giver of the ultimate gift? Man,
that’s oh so very Christian of me… not?

All sarcasm aside, since my parents headed across the pond to spend New Year’s in France, I’ve said the grace for us before she and I sit down to eat,
and something about it makes me feel better. It energizes me, and I can feel as well as taste the food. I never realized the power of this action. Christ
wants us to call upon his name, but do we do it? I plan to do so more often today, not just in 2017.

Dear most holy Father of all, I submit this prayer to you in hopes that you’ll help me to do this better, more often and more sincerely. Please help me
remember that I didn’t procure this food. You procured it.

I pray these things in the beautiful name of the only begotten son, whose birth we just began to celebrate anew, Jesus Christ. Amen.