Wait, Just Be Held.

Sitting, and waiting; how many times have we done this through out our lives

More then we really wish to; I am sure you must be thinking “waiting is a chore, but why do we end up doing this?”

There are many factors through out life that could cause us to have to stop, and wait; Waiting can be frustrating to say the least.

When we have to wait for things we just want things to go faster so we can get on in our lives; But there are times when waiting is all we can do.

When we fall Ill; we have to wait until things get better for us; After all we don’t want to make others sick as well.

Sometimes when applying for a job, or some other position we want to have; It is also very nerve racking. We end up waiting to find out weather or not
we got the job, or position we had applied for at the time.

Then, there is the time when You sit and wait to find out if a new family member will be born; As well when a friend, or family member passes away. We
sit, and wait as well when we have to help plan for the funeral and for life afterwards.

These times when we end up waiting not only can be lonely, but can also be a time of strength as well.
you might not think so but God sure does!

There is a Christian group called ” Casting Crowns. They have a song that just recently came out called ” “Just Be Held.”

What stands out from this song is the following:

“So when you’re on your knees and answers seem so far away
You’re not alone, stop holding on and just be held.”

We think that we need to show how stoic we are by not showing weakness, nor do we really want to look like we are not in control of our own lives.

This is where waiting is a blessing; What I mean by this is that as we wait and are trying to figure out what we need to do next God is working in our
lives directing our footsteps into the right directions we need to take. But during these times when we are waiting for things to fall into place God is
also encouraging us to just be held by his amazing grace, and his ever lasting love for us.

We do not have to go through things all by ourselves. Your family, and friends will be there to also help you through things that might seem to be impossible
for you to get through.

Waiting for things to happen can definitely be stressful; but In the long run the waiting we do can also bring God’s richest blessings into our lives.

Let me encourage you this day. If you feel like you’re down, depressed, warn out, and burned out.
Bring all your worries and doubts To God’s Son Jesus. Lay your burdens down at the foot of the cross. God will help you with them.

Here I am God, With many
burdens that I wish To lay before the cross. I can not carry them myself, and I know you will help me with them; Please take my burdens from me and help
me carry them and deal with them in your

I know waiting is what I need to do, so also help me wait until you tell me that it is time to move on with things that you want me to do.

Thank you God for holding me in your loving embrace,
and showing me that through out life you are always there for me!

In Jesus’s name,



Thank you, Ronald, for such encouraging words. Sometimes it's things like this which we need to hear and be reminded of.