God’s Waiting room

Stopping when hearing the sounds of a siren that is coming closer to where you live can be frightening.
Not knowing what kind of accident may have occurred; Or weather the Police are on their way to break up a confrontation; or Weather they are going to go
and arrest someone for a crime they have committed can be very frustrating.
The waiting and wondering could that have been me is also something that cross’s everyone’s minds at certain times in our lives as well.
When God puts us all in a waiting room to wait for his answers; We wonder how are we going to be able to do what God wants from us.
Sometimes the wait could be a minute or longer, And yet we want those answers like right Now!
But we have to realize that God’s timing is not our timing.
He will reveal how he wants us to Handel a situation we are in and what we need to do.
God will never give us more then we can physically , emotionally, Spiritually, and Mentally handle.
God knows what we can and can’t handle when he places us into his waiting room.
Some people have been in God’s waiting room for more then a year or more; But there are reasons he does this.
I can relate to those people who have been in God’s waiting room; I have had those experiences myself.
I can remember when I had gotten into wrestling back in my junior high school days; I really wanted to fit in. So I took wrestling as an after school activity
and I thought I could get to know a lot of other kids my age.
You know to become one of the crowd so to speak.
Well, I can remember the excitement I had when going to the wrestling practice sessions; I learned the moves and I had been told that they would modify
the way the matches would take place.
So I told my mom about this both my mom, and my grandmother went to the matches I was to be in.
On one of the after school wrestling practice sessions my wrestling coach decided that I should try out the moves with a kid my height and build well;
That did not go quite as planned.
I had tried to get out of one of the wrestling holds which was called a crotch cradle; That move is one I don’t think anyone would like.
When I landed I must have let out a scream like a banshee Because The coach said that everyone could have heard it; The doors were wide open go figure.
Anyway the coach wanted to straighten my leg; I sure did not feel like I wanted him to do this.
I knew deep down that he would have had to have training for such an accordance.
So he helped me to my grandmothers house and I ended up going to the hospital.
Well I found out that my leg was broken to the point to where I would have to get a steel rod placed into my leg.
I was thinking at that time oh: great what next?
I was in god’s waiting room.
I wanted everything to get over with so I could get back to school and back to wrestling practice .
Well, during this time in my life God spoke to me and he had said that I don’t want you to go back to wrestling practice I have something better for you;
All you have to do is wait I will reveal what I want you to do in time.
So I waited and waited; The operation went through with full success and I came out walking like I had always been doing.
everyone was like what he should have been out for longer then I was.
I went through therapy and the like so I could get used to walking again with the rod in my leg.
That I thought would take longer then it actually did.
God knew I needed the downtime to pre pair me for what he wanted me to do for him.
So this is what I learned in this time.
God’s Grace and Mercy had helped me to see that there were other ways I could make friends; And that my talent did not lay in wrestling.
So what I want everyone to take away from this is this.
God’s waiting room may seem to have a lot of people in it at times but when he calls you out of the waiting room be ready for the ride of your life God
will take you places you never thought you would have ever gone before!


Ouchy, regarding your high school situation! Man, that must have hurt like a son of a gun!

As for the main topic at hand, this reminds me of the song I wrote and recorded, "It Takes Time."

Thank you for sharing!