Oh My God

According to Exodus 20:7, NIV, we must not misuse the name of the Lord, for he doesn’t protect anyone who does so. People will often euphemize with phrases
such as “Oh my goodness”, my heavens etc.

I take issue, however, with such euphemisms. Who’s goodness is it? Who’s heavens are they? They aren’t mine by any means. I didn’t create them. There are
definitely ways to misuse this by means of trivialization of God’s name and glory, but to this layman, “Oh my god” is no vain speech. When I reflect on
the beauty of an Arizona early spring morning with all its birdy wonders, I’m apt to praise God out loud. “My God, this heatwave is amazing! You’ve got
the birds, the flowers and the people’s spirits high!”

When I reflect upon the savory goodness of a pizza, I’ll often praise his name thus also.

As I stated above, to be fair, there are many ways of taking God’s name in vain, for which we must watch out. I have a tendency to add holy to anything
when I wish to augment it in some way. That isn’t good. Of course, demanding that God damn someone or something is asking for a major spanking, as we humans
have not that ability. Again, these views are those of one member of the Genuine Safe Haven Ministry staff, so please take with a large grain of sea salt.


Ben, these thoughts may be, in your words, "only your view", but they are very biblically sound. You are exactly right. Misusing the Lord's name is a sin, I don't care how you slice it. Let us always remember the true holiness of God's precious name.