Friendship Jesus Style

It is difficult to find a true forever friend, but when you do you know it is a gift from God. Here’s how you can identify such a person.

They care about you all the time. They don’t seek you out only when they want something from you or when they have nothing better to do. They seek ways
to make the relationship better.

They don’t walk away when you need help or feel you need to talk. If they are too busy during your time of need they don’t really care. God would never
send such a person to you as a loving gift.

They don’t lie to you or mislead you. That is Satan’s game. A person who by whatever means leads you to believe they care about you as a person and then
slaps you in the face is in the relationship for only their own personal gains. Jesus would never do that to us so nor would a friend that God sent you.

They share their real self with you. You can openly share with them. Each accepts the other for who they are and loves them for that. They will never toss
you aside for something that appears better. They see you as unique and special just as you are. They don’t compare you to someone else because they know
that your life experiences are unique. Life experiences mold an individual’s personality.

They will feel joy for you when things go right. They encourage you when there is a goal you are trying to reach. They will cry with you when things go
wrong. When you need a hand to hold they reach out to you. They never leave you alone to deal with fear, worry, sadness, or any other thing that is negative
in your life.

Friendships developed following Jesus’s style will last forever. In the book of Revelation there are letters addressing the faults of the seven churches.
In reality I feel they are also speaking to individual people. The one fault that we miss most often is where it says “you are neither hot nor cold”. God
says He finds no value in such a relationship. He’d never send you a friend with that attitude.

You’ll encounter people who speak differently than they act, practice religion not christianity, and those who set you up so they can watch you fall. Such
a person is not a friend sent from God.

Only Satan wishes to destroy love by hurting or misleading people. Only people who follow Satan will practice what he teaches. Where there is true friendship
there is love. In love one does his or her best not to hurt another person.

When friendship Jesus style comes your way you know it’s a gift from God. You have been blessed. Cherish the forever friend God sent you. It’s a very special


I'm so thankful to have all you staff from Genuine Safe Haven Ministries as my true friends, and I feel very strongly effected by this post. You are absolutely right, Ronald. This really is truely the definition of true friendship.

Thanks for sharing.