Meet our Staff

Ronald Glaser

Ronald Glaser is very passionate about life and the pursuit of Gods richest blessings for all humanity.
He wants to help people through their trials,struggles and tribulations throughout life.

He hopes, by means of the Ministry, that the love of God will be spread all around the world and that people will come to Receive Gods Precious gift, His Son

Ronald says, “God is our special friend: loving us as we are, forgiving us when we repent, guiding us through every minute of every day, and providing
us with all we need.

We want everyone to know our special friend because, when all else is gone, He is still there. He will never forsake anyone who allows Him to reside in their


Christopher Gilland

Christopher has a huge passion for serving God, and is thrilled
to be able to witness to others about the powerful gift of Christ’s blood which was shed on the cross for all of us. Christopher enjoys listening to, and
playing music as well as making new friends.

Ben Bloomgren

Ben Bloomgren's interests include languages, percussion, birdwatching, hunting and swimming. He has been a Christian since 22 August, 2001 by the grace of God. His
goals through this ministry outreach include the glorification of God and the elucidation of Jesus Christ’s infinite love.