What on earth do I do with this dog?

Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of a major acquisition in our family. Before that point, we had always had puppies. We would buy the puppy either
from the owner or from another source, and we would train it from there. Additionally, we always had male dogs. But, March 21 of 2008 change that.

Lita came to us in quite a mess. She had just been spayed, and she had lived in the dog pound. The pound people indicated that she was two years old. A
learning experience was in store for all of us.

Our family is, shall we say, a hearty bunch. Sometimes we’re not the most delicate people around. We don’t get offended easily, and we usually have quite
thick skin. But what’s with this dog!

One time, she got a bit scared at one of our local stores. My dad had taken her out to get her accustomed to how we live and what we do. She got spooked,
and she almost bolted. With our previous dogs, a stern voice would have been all that was needed to have the dog reconsider its plan. With her though,
that did not work. My dad learned very quickly, that an inside voice was needed with this dog. He has a unique way of doing it which shall not be revealed
here, but it’s very funny to hear him use his inside voice when talking to his first ever female dog.

I can imagine the rough-and-tumble nomads of the Judaean desert. Here comes this Carpender dude, saying that he is… What? The Messiah? No way! That’s that
Carpender who lives over at Joe and Mary’s place. I know that guy. He’s not God. But is he?

I am the Way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except by me. What does that mean? Do you and I deserve the inside voice or the stern
warning? According to the Bible, we deserve the latter. No one is righteous, no not one.

But, as my dad rescued our dog from a life of misery at the dog pound, Jesus rescued us from an eternity of misery in hell. His righteousness is sufficient
for us, not ours. Lita is female, and we think that she’s gone through some difficult times in her life. Would you want your Heavenly Father or his son
to yell at you when you’re fleeing what seems like a really nasty, scary situation? Individually as well as collectively, God is teaching me to deal with
other people’s trauma and other issues. Though she’s a bit odd for how Clan Bloomgren operates, she’s perfectly beautiful in the eyes of Yahweh, as is
all of his creation.


You are so right, Ben. God doesn't come to condemn us nor the world, John 3:17. He comes that we may have life in, and through Him. For this reason, the last thing God wants to do is yell at, or scare us. He may be firm with us, yes, but that doesn't mean he loves us any less.