Boy bird meets girl bird: a lesson in grounding and centering

The president is under constant threat of coup d’état from within, bloodless or otherwise. The Fed has raised interest rates, and people are worried. The
education system is a mess of messes.

Wait a minute though, as something is amiss. It’s springtime here in the Sonoran desert. I’m sitting out on my patio having a drink and listening to God’s
creation in motion. Thoughts of summer evenings in the pool with friends accompanying most of my time are beginning to surface. Is this how I keep myself
grounded and centered in God?

While all the things that I mentioned in the first paragraph are definitely true and worthy of concern, I must realize that I cannot take care of all of
them at this very second. I can pray about them. I can call my representatives and start to get things going. I can go to rallies, making constructive
criticism of what happens. But, really, what can I do about them at this very moment?

I choose to hang out with my nephew and listen to the interplay between a male grackle and a female grackle in our big grapefruit tree. It’s dating season
in the avian world, and he is well underway. He is loud, proud, and good at what he does. Every time he puffs himself up in anticipation of the females’
affirmation, I smile and I praise God in my heart. He makes me know that everything is all right. Romans 8:28 is still in effect. Christ is still on the
throne. In addition, the first melodious coos of the white winged dove, the foreshadower of the summer heat are in the area. At least get that glass to
be half full!

Dear heavenly father, I praise your holy name and I thank you for your son’s work at Calvary. As your eyes are on the sparrow, the grackle, and all the
other created things, I know that they are on me more so. Please help me make my country and my world better than they were before. Make me a better person,
a better Christian, and a better man. I pray this all in the name of your glorious son Jesus Christ, amen.


Ben, you are so right! Compared to our gifts which await us in Heaven, we here on earth have no need to worry, as sooner or later, they will come to an end, we'll be in Heaven, and all will be well. Glory to god!