Does God really technically save?

Before anyone shoots me in the foot, let me start by saying one thing up front. I have never ever in the past, nor will I now ever state that God is not merciful, nor will I state that Christ is not the answer to salvation. Let me be very clear about this fact.

We here at GSH Ministries believe this truth with all our hearts. So please do not read too much into the title of this blog post. Let me further explain my question in context.

OK, so, the act of saving... What more specifically is this? It's an action. Is it not? I think we all can agree on that.

Can we mostly all agree upon the fact that God gives us free will/choice in life? Now let me be very clear. That doesn't at all mean that the choices we make in life are always right, nor biblical. If they were so, we'd not be sinners, and therefore wouldn't have a need for a savior... right? But, we are indeed sinners. Each and every single one of us. No exception. You are, I am, your pastor/priest is, you name it. Yes, I hate to tell ya this, but even your newborn is. You can slap me upside the face, and send me all the hate mail you want for saying it, but I'm just being truthful. Ever since the fall of man with Adam and Eve, we've all been sinners. What's my point in this... OK, simply put, this.

Often times, churches teach on the principle that Christ saves us. Again, I have to be very very careful here with my words. I don't want to give false teaching to our viewers. This is admittedly a very very deep subject. Some might not fully agree with what I'm saying here, but hear me out on this.

At the end of the day, knowing all well that God gives us free will, free choice in life, how does this play into our salvation. One may say it doesn't. God loves us, and accepts us unconditionally. Aaah! You just hit on something without even probably realizing it!

Exactly! God "accepts", notice the quotation marks, us unconditionally into his kingdom eternally by grace.

God, in and of himself offers us grace, mercy, and acceptance. I'm not about to pretend that I'm denying that, let alone actually do so. I'm not!

What I am however saying is, is it really spiritually correct to say that God saves us? Technically speaking, yes. It is, as he saves us with, and by, his grace. But theoretically, we are not saved until we put our hope and our full trust in Him, believing in our hearts that Christ is the son of God, came in human flesh, died on the cross, rose 3 days later shedding his blood for our sins.

Even more so than this, it's believing and accepting this eternal gift of what... "grace, and acceptance."

Let's go back to what I said a moment ago. God gives us free will. Saying that God saves us would be to technically say, we sit back, do nothing, and God just works like a magical jellybean... It doesn't work that way though in all actuality. Look at John 3:16. "For whosoever believes in Him shall not parish, but have eternal life." Again, we go back to the whole thing here of putting our faith, and our trust in god alone.

If we don't ever in life do so, then we cannot receive that eternal gift.

The point being, Yes, God saves us in the sense of offering us the gift of eternal life with Him, but really in all truth, we, as humans have to be the ones to make the first initiative to say, "Yes Lord. I trust you. Come into my heart and save me." By doing so, and fully putting our trust in Him, we are saved. God didn't make us do that though. We chose by our faith to do so. Therefore, who's really saving us?

It's an act of choice. We dont' have to be saved. All be it, not being so is the biggest mistake anyone could ever make, however, the bottom line is, it is a choice which we get to freely make. So, yeah... I know really what's going on here is, we're dealing deeply with semantics on the word "save," but can you see how to new believers, or those who may be searching how telling them Jesus saves could be a risky thing to do? I think that a better thing to say would be Jesus accepts us. Even more so, God accepts us, as Jesus, the son, is God in part of the trinity.

We choose, therefore we issue the act of being saved. God, then carries it out on our behalf through his death in what He did for us on the cross.

Nothing we say nor do can ever take away God's love, grace, and forgiveness/acceptance for any of us. But we can take away the gift of salvation from ourselves by not putting our trust in God. So, technically we are allowing ourselves to be saved by doing so. God doesn't save us directly. Maybe indirectly he does, but at the end of the day, we have to choose to be Christ followers. Thereby, we save ourselves, and the result of doing so is, we get the meraculous free unconditional gift of eternal life with God in Heaven.

Does this kind of make sense what I'm trying to say. My point is, be careful with how you use the word "Save."