Faithgroups are a great way for you to get plugged into the community. – Through these groups, you will have the opportunity to learn biblical principles on an array of topics ranging from what it means to become a follower of Jesus Christ, to biblical financial success, spiritual discipline for a better prayer life, mental illness support, and more.

Some groups will be open, while others will be closed after the cutoff date for registration. Should you wish to join a group which is closed, be sure to express your interest to one of our staff members. In some, though incredibly rare and unique circumstances, the Faithgroup leader of a particular group might make an exception for new joiners. This will be completely at their discretion.

Usually, most faithgroups will be held once a week for an hour per session via a free online conferencing, or telephone line, which ever you prefer. You will be given the information to join upon registration. Note that joining all faithgroups is completely free. All that we ask is that you be willing to be committed to attend each week to the utmost of your ability. Nothing more is required unless the faithgroup description strictly says otherwise.

Below is a list of our currently opened faithgroups which are freely accepting registration.

Faith Seekers

This group is open to anyone age 13 and above. Note that if you are under the age of 18 however, you *Must* have a guardian’s consent for registration. If you are the parent of a child wishing to register, we do not require you also be present at all meetings, although it is very strongly recommended.

Once this group starts, we will meet on Fridays from 6:30PM-7:30PM eastern time once a week. This is a short term group which will last for a 2 month cycle. In this group, we will focus on the key elements of what it means to walk righteously in the path of God’s teachings. We will discuss the characteristics of a sound belief, what is meant by salvation, how one obtains eternal salvation, communion, spiritual growth, accountability, prayer, and will further answer any questions you might have about your faith, or regarding becoming a believer and publicly professing your faith. We will conclude the group by discussing ways to bring the gospel to others who are still seeking.

The leader of this group will be Ben Bloomgren. This group will begin on Friday, May 5, 2017, and will run until Friday, July 5, 2017. Registrations are now open and being accepted.

Note that we will be using the book entitled “Hearing the Voice of God, He Knows you, He Loves You, He’s always with You” by David Chadwick. This book is available on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, IBooks, or is available as paperback by contacting Forest Hill Church in Charlotte NC. We encourage, though absolutely do not by any means require that you have a copy of this book to attend.

Click here for their homepage.

All people wishing to join should e-mail Ben Bloomgren for more details regarding this group.