Don’t Let a Disability Bring you Down

How, far will a person take a small thing like saying I can not do anything?
In what way are they so much different then the rest of us?
They really are not different then you, or me.
They just want to think that if they say I can not do anything everything will be handed to them on a silver platter.
Well life holds many different things such as a song of a bird but that bird had to learn how to chirp and fly, so it is the same for us all.
If we stop and say just because of a limitation that has happened to me should I let this effect how I am?
No, not one bit.
Even if you had a bad experience in life or something happen that has you in a uproar that does not mean you can not do anything.
A disability for some could be their down fall, But it really does not have to be.
Chances are you have run across a person or two who have said because I am blind, or have a learning disability I need everything handed to me no matter what.
Well let me tell you life just does not act that way!
If you say that your disability makes you forget everything you know or have learned that is not the truth, you just need to buckle down and work and try your best.
God Helps Those Who Help themselves.
Meaning that If you try your hardest you can do anything you put your heart,soul,and mind into
So please do not let A disability Handicap you in any way shape or form
Just try saying “ I have God’s Favor and I know I can do this No matter what happens!”
I Believe that if you start doing this you will find you have a better outlook on life and abetter perspective on living life to the fullest.

© 2004 Genuine Safe Haven Ministry