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That's How It Is!

Dan and Jake share a computer. They didn't have a problem with that until the day one of Jake's programs was gone. Jake knew Dan had erased it because it wasn't there. Jake called all his friends to complain about what Dan had done. They all agreed that Dan's actions were wrong.

Lifes Railway!

Life’s Railway!
There are so many roads that we can travel down, That it may seem daunting at times.
Life can take us on a ride through many different areas of our day, and or night that we just do not know which way to turn.
At some point in our ride through life we need to stop, and listen to what God has for us.
God is our conductor on Life’s Railway.
He knows what we need to do to get through the rough spots that we may be going through right at this moment in time.
I have been on a few rides through Life’s Railway; That is for sure.

Stop and Listen!

A few days ago, I finished a book called "P.S. You're Not Listening".
In this book, the author tells the true stories of five children that have been given a bad reputation and the trials and tribulations leading to a common goal.

The children acted out in class, and the teacher tried to help them through their problems. Each student kept on telling her that she was not listening. As Eleanor Craig helped her students , she noticed their respective progress.

In Jesus's Name!

Have you ever felt down, confused, or just werry of life's little problems?
Not knowing which way to turn or what you should do?

I have felt this way at times. - Let me tell you what I have done to get through the places within my life which seem so hard to walk through without screaming at the top of my lungs.

Be Still and Know He is God!

Hurry, Hurry, scurry, worry! That is what we as christians do through out our day.
We rush around trying to get things done in a timely manner. - We think that we need to get things done faster and faster each day that we go to work, school, or even in our daily lives. That could work out; but We also could stress ourselves out to the point that we collapse and that is not a good thing.

Little is Much

As we walk amongst the city streets, we observe lots of people who all have different lifestyles. Some may possess riches while others might be poor.

Sometimes, even those with the highest values and standards have to consider their sins, and small things within their lives.

The saying, “Little is much,” means a lot to God. The woman who had all she had didn’t think at all about the things she gave. – For she gave everything.

I Thought my Mother was Insane

Don’t be turned off by the title of this story. It’s not meant as an insult. Actually quite the opposite. Read on to find out more. This is a true story,
by the way.

I generally did not like going to the circus because everything was so visual but when I was in seventh grade we were going to be meeting a sighted friend
there so we went. Too many people so we did not find each other, but, it still turned out to be an interesting day.

Wait, Just Be Held.

Sitting, and waiting; how many times have we done this through out our lives

More then we really wish to; I am sure you must be thinking “waiting is a chore, but why do we end up doing this?”

There are many factors through out life that could cause us to have to stop, and wait; Waiting can be frustrating to say the least.

When we have to wait for things we just want things to go faster so we can get on in our lives; But there are times when waiting is all we can do.

God’s Waiting room

Stopping when hearing the sounds of a siren that is coming closer to where you live can be frightening.
Not knowing what kind of accident may have occurred; Or weather the Police are on their way to break up a confrontation; or Weather they are going to go
and arrest someone for a crime they have committed can be very frustrating.
The waiting and wondering could that have been me is also something that cross’s everyone’s minds at certain times in our lives as well.


Jody was a high school senior when her life changed forever. She was an above average student. She took part in several clubs and charity groups. At home
she was required to help around the house.

Jody’s parents agreed to have an exchange student live with them. That’s when things changed. Flora was from France and she had attended the finest schools.
Flora could fix fancy meals, make her own clothes, and fit in well at any social situation.


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