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The Holy Spirit Took Over

Last Saturday, I attended a concert at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix of Mark Lowry, who I've been informed was part at one time of the Gaither Vocal Band. I don't know much about the guy, but he was very profound as well as being very good. Admittedly, Christian comedy is, like Christian music, a taste which I'm still in the long process of acquiring; but, Lowry as well as others have really proved that the Spirit can move through comedic performance. Here's the crux (pun intended) of the matter.

Praying for Perpetrators: Revelation 21:4 and the Parkland high school shooting

In this age of grievance, social media's blessings are often understated. If God is infinite, then it's due him to say that he makes no mistakes. Personally, I believe that God created social media as a very quick, very inimitable method for the propagation of ideas. The broken, fallen nature of this paradigm causes ideas which do not befit God's infinite, loving mercy.

A Love Hate Relationship

On 8 November, 2016, the United States of America saw a landmark presidential election, wherein a billionaire outsider took the rudder of the ship of state. Our forty-fifth president is a polarizing figure, eliciting one of two emotions, great fondness or great loathing.

The Bird in the Window

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For Kristen Johnson, who recommended that I take on this project.

To Christopher Gilland, whose editing gave me a new lease on this very profound journey.

Don’t forget to say the blessing

Okay kids, Mom’s got dinner ready. Come down and set the table, please.

Yay! Let’s eat!

Wait a second. We’ve got to say grace.

Oh My God

According to Exodus 20:7, NIV, we must not misuse the name of the Lord, for he doesn’t protect anyone who does so. People will often euphemize with phrases
such as “Oh my goodness”, my heavens etc.

What on earth do I do with this dog?

Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of a major acquisition in our family. Before that point, we had always had puppies. We would buy the puppy either
from the owner or from another source, and we would train it from there. Additionally, we always had male dogs. But, March 21 of 2008 change that.

Lita came to us in quite a mess. She had just been spayed, and she had lived in the dog pound. The pound people indicated that she was two years old. A
learning experience was in store for all of us.

Make Your Yes Be Yes

I admit it. I’m a serious person. Perhaps I’m too serious for my own good. But, God put something very important in his Word, which reminded me of a situation
which got my hackles up pretty high earlier today.

In Matthew 5:37 NKJV, Jesus says:

But let your Yes’ be Yes, and your No, No. For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.

Boy bird meets girl bird: a lesson in grounding and centering

The president is under constant threat of coup d’état from within, bloodless or otherwise. The Fed has raised interest rates, and people are worried. The
education system is a mess of messes.

Wait a minute though, as something is amiss. It’s springtime here in the Sonoran desert. I’m sitting out on my patio having a drink and listening to God’s
creation in motion. Thoughts of summer evenings in the pool with friends accompanying most of my time are beginning to surface. Is this how I keep myself
grounded and centered in God?

Ben doesn’t relate to children, but he’s devastated when they’re absent for Easter.

Grandma peels the potatoes. Mom bakes the brownies. Dad sets a timer for the ham bake. Hey, somebody’s phone is ringing. Oh, sweet, it’s Ben’s brother.
As it turns out, the youngest of his boys has acquired strep throat. Discussions occur. It’s deemed more prudent to nix the boys from the equasion due
to decreased immune systems. You should see Ben’s face!


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