Rest In Peace.

How many times have you wanted a bit of peace and quiet in your life? Our daily chores, work, and every day life can get in the way. – The noise of the news telling us different things that we should believe in, and also wanting us to try the latest fads.

I have heard the following many times in my life: “When you’re down, and your soul feels oh so weary, and your soul is in need of rest…” What does this really mean for us? In my own life, I have had many
times where I have ran across situations which have stressed me out, and made me want to scream. I keep remembering the verses in Psalms 23, verses 1 through
3: “The lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside quiet waters. He refreshes my soul.”

In the above verses, I believe that God is telling us that we are to lean on him, and he will help us with all our needs. In verse 2, it says, “he makes  me lie down in green pastures,” I believe this to be very true he wants us to be still, and rest in the face of our trials and situations which we face every day.

Again, he is our Shepherd; he cares for us very deeply. If a lamb wonders away from the flock, the Shepherd who is watching over the flock of sheep will leave them to fetch the lost lamb, and bring it back to where the sheep are grazing.

That is what God does for us. He will seek us when we are lost as well. He does not want us to be lost. “He leads me by quiet waters. He refreshes my soul.” In this verse God is saying be still and know I am God.

When we rest at the end of the day and begin to unwind, God leads us to a quiet place so that we can find refreshing peace in the midst of all the stressful
things we went through. As we drink In God’s word  letting it refresh us, we find that God’s peace will help us rest.

Take time to lie down in those green pastures, and Let God lead you to the quiet waters. When we take the time to sit and talk to God, he will refresh our souls with his ever-Lasting Peace!